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Optical Solutions Editorial Team

Sep 01, 2020 / 2 min read

Sometimes, a design challenge you face presents a new sensor format or a different field of view requirement from your usual design work. Having the right approach to a design can really help to streamline your efforts and enable great results, the first time through the workflow.

Recently, Ed Gonzalez (Sr. Optical Engineer at Edmund Optics Design Center in Tucson, Arizona) was kind enough to share his insights into the design of a challenging fixed focus, high resolution lens for large format sensors.

Optical Lens
Parameters and Requirements

Image courtesy of Edmund Optics

Ed gave a nice presentation and overview of his design work in CODE V for this lens in one of our recent webinars (available on YouTube).  He gave some excellent tips and an overview of his workflow along with some of the tradeoffs he faced as a designer for a demanding optical design optimization and tolerancing project. He even shared a little about his design starting point selection, pointing out the advantage he has as a designer with access to a large library of optics from the Edmund design collection.

Global Synthesis for Starting-Point Generation

Choosing the right starting point is a great advantage you will have working in CODE V – even if you don’t have access to the design library of Edmund Optics!  CODE V offers designers a great selection of sample and patent lenses, all available via a menu selection and filtering according to a wide range of attributes:

Lens Code-v

Once you have a good starting point to meet your design requirements (or at least a system that will get close) – a great next step is to use CODE V’s Global Synthesis to find many unique design forms. Global Synthesis will allow you to close in on the best contenders for improving to your finalized optimal design performance. The unique way in which CODE V can search design space, including optimizing for reduced sensitivity to fabrication errors, ensures you will achieve excellent designs, in the fastest time possible.

To learn more about how CODE V eases the process for achieving your design for manufacturing goals, check out the recording to the recent webinar and get in touch with us for any questions – have fun designing the next generation of your amazing products with CODE V!

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