Corporate Social Responsibility at Synopsys: 2021 CSR Report

Synopsys Editorial Staff

Mar 09, 2022 / 2 min read

From doubling life expectancy in the span of a century to launching a space telescope to study the origins of the universe itself, innovation has yielded miraculous achievements. In this new era of big data, AI, and machine learning, the best is yet to come. Synopsys is working to bring a world of Smart Everything to life. We are on a mission to not only improve semiconductor productivity by 1000x in 10 years, but to do it in a way that leads to a better environment, with thriving, safe, and inclusive communities—one that brings about a more sustainable, just, and secure future for everyone.

Our 2021 CSR Report details our journey in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and our Smart Future strategy—how we manage our operational impact and influence others around us to create a better world. We are improving our own impact and applying our problem-solving approach, people, and resources to influence those around us—including our communities, customers, partners, and suppliers—to join us in driving positive change in the world. We are proud of this meaningful work and pleased to share highlights on our progress with you.

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CSR Report Highlights

Key highlights of the 2021 CSR Report include:

  • Inclusion and Diversity: We are committed to increasing diversity at Synopsys and at all levels of decision making. To that end, we achieved significant increases in the external hire rate of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous talent and sustained a hiring rate for women that outpaced current representation. We established new university outreach programs to help foster greater diversity within our organization. Additionally, we graduated 83% of our managers from our Inclusive Leader program.
  • Climate Action: For the third year in a row, Synopsys achieved CarbonNeutral® company certification for offsetting approximately 50,000 metric tons of carbon. We also entered into a renewable energy procurement agreement, projected to mitigate approximately 70% of projected North American emissions. Operationally, we’ve made inroads through phased closures of inefficient data centers. Synopsys innovation has made possible the low-power platform which enables our customers to achieve additional power reduction for system-on-chip design.
  • Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity risks in 2021 were heightened. To ensure ongoing safety and security we enhanced our cloud security, particularly important for a hybrid work model. We expanded our zero-trust approach to securing our data and infrastructure, completed third-party risk assessments and ransomware-readiness assessments, and strengthened our crisis response and resiliency efforts.
  • Social Impact: In 2021, Synopsys donated more than $3.4 million to charitable organizations around the world. Synopsys employees donated $1.6 million and recorded 6,121 volunteer hours in support of community needs. In response to the ongoing pandemic, we developed country-specific COVID relief donation and matching gift campaigns and supported schools by delivering vital supplies for teachers and students returning to school.

It Gets Better from Here…

This last year continues to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the world. Everything is connected. Our opportunities and our collective well-being rely on the strength of those connections. As our co-CEO Aart de Geus says: “Say Yes, If…when you are facing a problem, a challenge or an opportunity, and you will find the path to courage, the will to collaborate and the heart to care.” At Synopsys, we understand that. And we understand our responsibility in helping to bridge and support those connections in order to make possible a more sustainable, just, and secure future.

Check out the full report: 2021 CSR Report.

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