SaberRD virtualizing power electronic and mechatronic systems to optimize performance

Virtualize power electronic & mechatronic systems to optimize performance

SaberRD is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems and multi-domain physical systems.


  • Accelerate the electrification of automotive, aerospace, and industrial systems
  • Increase hardware quality and reduce prototyping iterations
  • Connect the physical system to the rest of the electronics and software design
  • Verify behavior of multi-domain physical systems (electrical, thermal, mechanical, magnetic, hydraulic, etc.)
  • Optimize system for performance, reliability, and cost using Robust Design methods
  • Unmatched model accuracy, model libraries, and modeling tools for power electronic systems
  • Support for MAST and VHDL-AMS language  standards
  • Apply a range of analysis capabilities to reach performance goals, reduce effects of variation, and bound worst case behavior
  • Create and simulate 1000s of virtual prototypes with grid computing
  • Communicate throughout the supply chain with secure model exchange and FMI support

Automotive Powernet Modeling & Simulation Video

Simulation tools such as SaberRD can help you model, design, analyze, and optimize the Powernet quickly. This video will help you understand the Powernet simulation flow along with the advanced modeling, simulation, and post processing capabilities of Saber simulator.