CoreHW, a fabless semiconductor company established in 2013 and based in Finland, has achieved an 80GHz millimeter wave PLL (MMW PLL) with superior phase noise performance. Developed with the Synopsys RFIC design flow on the GlobalFoundries (GF) 22FDX® process technology, the MMW PLL IP is ideal for applications including autonomous driving, 5G/6G communication, IoT networks, aerospace, and defense systems.

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CoreHW faced several significant challenges in developing their cutting-edge MMW PLL:

  • High-Quality Signal Generation: Ensuring frequency purity was essential to maintain accurate radar detection and communication.

  • Time-to-Market Pressures: The need to meet aggressive market timelines while maintaining high-quality, repeatable results.

  • Complex Design Requirements: Managing the iterative and manual processes involved in RF and mmWave IC design.


To tackle these challenges, CoreHW implemented the Synopsys RFIC design flow on GlobalFoundries 22FDX process technology. This comprehensive solution includes:

  • Synopsys Custom Compiler™: A design environment tailored for full custom analog, custom digital, and mixed-signal IC designs.
  • Synopsys PrimeSim™: A unified workflow of next-generation circuit simulation technologies.
  • Keysight PathWave RFPro: An integrated electromagnetic (EM) analysis tool that allows designers to run interactive EM-circuit co-simulation for tuning and optimization.

The Synopsys RFIC design flow provided CoreHW with a certified process design kit (PDK) for the GF 22FDX process technology. This enabled a more efficient and predictive design process, significantly reducing the time-to-market while maintaining high-quality outcomes.


By implementing the Synopsys RFIC design flow, CoreHW achieved:

  • High-Accuracy PLL: Developed an 80GHz MMW PLL with superior phase noise performance.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: The integrated design flow allowed for efficient design and verification cycles, meeting aggressive deadlines.
  • Customizable Architecture: The PLL IP can be scaled and customized for various mmWave wireless communication frequency bands.
  • Enhanced Performance: The PLL synthesizer provides low-noise voltage-controlled oscillation, supporting high-quality signal generation for advanced applications.

With the Synopsys RFIC design flow, CoreHW successfully developed a high-performance 80GHz mmWave PLL, positioning themselves at the forefront of advanced RFIC design and innovation.