Smarter Signoff Video Series

Smarter Signoff Technologies and Methodologies

New functionality that improves performance, productivity and schedule predictability.

  • PrimeTime: Golden timing signoff including static timing, signal integrity, power and timing constraint analysis
  • StarRC: Industry leading parasitic extraction for digital and custom design
  • Silicon Smart: Advanced cell characterization solutions

Featured Video: Smarter Library Voltage Scaling  with PrimeTime

Designs outside of library voltage corners supplied by the foundry can require expensive and time consuming effort to obtain the correct library. Eliminating the need for a library for each specific design corner is a much smarter approach. See how PrimeTime now provides more accurate library voltage scaling technology to eliminate this effort and reduce schedule risk, even at (ultra) low voltages. 

Additional Resources


Webinar: Multiply Instantiated Module (MIM) Timing Closure with PrimeTime ECO (SolvNet login required)

Broadcom Presentation from PrimeTime SIG at DAC 2015 (SolvNet login required)

Press Release: Synopsys' PrimeTime Speeds Timing and Power Closure for Complex SoC and IoT Designs