DAC 2018 Automotive Lunch Videolog

Automotive Drives the Next Generation of Designs

On June 26, 2018, a panel of industry experts from NSITEXE, NVIDIA, Panasonic, and TSMC shared their visions on how automotive designs are driving the next generation of products.


Dr. Burkhard Huhnke, Event Emcee

Vice President, Automotive Business Development, Synopsys

Burkhard Huhnke recently joined Synopsys from Volkswagen Group, where he was the Senior VP of Product Innovation and E-Mobility for North America. He held several senior management positions at Volkswagen, including Member of the Board for product engineering at Volkswagen’s factory in Tennessee, General Manager for Electronics Integration in Germany, and Executive Director of R&D in Palo Alto. His experience includes e-mobility/mobility services, electronic integration from hardware in the loop to vehicle road tests, Darpa Grand Challenge, and NVIDIA/Google Earth integration for the Audi A8.

Dr. Huhnke holds a Doctor of Engineering degree from the Braunschweig University of Technology in Germany.

The Path to Billions of Miles

John Colburn

Distinguished Engineer, NVIDIA

Jonathan E. Colburn is currently a Distinguished Engineer at NVIDIA working on DFT methodology and test quality for a variety of products. He is an expert user of Synopsys’ TetraMAX ATPG solution, having used it for more than 15 years. Prior to joining NVIDIA, he worked at HPL on tools for yield analysis and prediction. He was a member of the program committee for VTS 2018, and the technical committee for this year’s Silicon Valley SNUG. He has also served as a member of the IEEE 1149.10-2017 and P1838 standards working groups. Mr. Colburn holds both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in computer engineering from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

ISO 26262 Compliant Soft-Error-Tolerant Design Methodology

Dr. Akio Hirata

Chief Engineer, Panasonic

Akio Hirata is currently a chief engineer at Panasonic Industrial Systems and Technologies. He is a project leader for developing Panasonic’s complete design environment that is suitable for ISO 26262. Prior to joining Panasonic, Dr. Hirata earned a Doctor of Engineering degree from Kyoto University in Japan.

Tour to Next-generation SoC Design

Hideki Sugimoto

Chief Technical Officer, NSITEXE

Hideki Sugimoto is the CTO and a chief architect of mega IPs for vehicle electronics systems at NSITEXE, a company established by Denso Corporation in 2017 to design and develop semiconductor IP cores. Prior to working at NSITEXE, he served as a chief architect of vehicle electronics systems for NEC, which eventually became part of Renesas Electronics. At Renesas, he managed microcontroller development and devised an IP distribution model. Mr. Sugimoto then joined Denso Corporation where he architected optimized vehicle electronics systems and managed semiconductor procurement. Mr. Sugimoto has contributed to numerous patents, including processor architecture and microarchitecture.