Tmatch – A Flexible Stereo Image Matching Accelerator Designed with ASIP Designer

In this video we document an advanced case study featuring the development of an accelerator for stereo image matching, while showing the tool at work. A RISC-V baseline architecture is gradually extended into a highly parallel and specialized ASIP optimized for this application.

Stereo image matching algorithms are very demanding in respect of processing power (about 30 TMACs/s). We optimized the application code and co-developed the optimized instructions at high level. Using the compiler-in-the-loop™ flow offered by ASIP Designer we easily verified the correctness of the application code and evaluated the performance impact.  Within a few weeks we explored multiple efficient implementation solutions and made performance vs. cost tradeoffs. The result of this design effort is Tmatch, a highly specialized vector ASIP with limited ILP. The ASIP features design techniques enabling the reuse of partial computed results and multiple specialized memories in parallel with specialized addressing modes.

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