LightTools Example Model Library

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Jan 25, 2021 / 2 min read

Happy 26th Anniversary to LightTools! We are celebrating 26 years of this 3D optical engineering and design software product, which supports virtual prototyping, simulation, optimization, and photorealistic renderings of illumination applications. Today we’re highlighting a feature that’s beneficial for novice and advanced users alike.

Unlock LightTools’ Full Potential with the Example Model Library

Did you know that you can get a head start designing real-world applications in LightTools with this one built-in feature?

Installed with every version of LightTools is an assistant you should get to know – the LightTools Example Model Library.

LightTools Example Model Library

Easy Access and Navigation

Easily accessed from the Tools menu, this handy utility opens a wide-ranging library of models sorted into the general categories of Applications, which include domains such as automotive, backlight systems, LiDAR, and stray light analysis, as well as Program Features, which comprise areas of LightTools functionality such as the Configuration Manager, Light Guide Designer, Optimization, and surface properties. Browse the Example Tree or use the Keyword tab to search for examples of interest to you. Like all LightTools utilities, it has a Help menu at the top that makes it easy to find a detailed description.

LiDAR with OPL Mesh

Real-World Application: Configuration Manager Example

Within the general categories, you’ll find more specific groupings and models, each of which has an accompanying document that explains the what the model contains, the features you will use, and how to step through the example. Many examples have a model for the starting state and another that shows the end result.

How does this work?

For example, let’s work with the Configuration Manager example in the Program Features. The steps below show you how to set the options you need to create four configurations.

Configuration Manager example in the Program Features

Additional steps guide you as you set up the LED spotlight model to use two different LEDs and two different Z positions for the LED lens. By the time you get to the last step, you have a model shows the four results you can achieve.

Configuration and Illuminance Results

Evolving Your Skills with Each Release

With the Example Model Library, you’ll explore LightTools’ extensive design and analysis capabilities as you discover and practice using its functionality. And with new examples added every release, you can quickly learn how to use new features and be more productive. Try it out, and get a head start designing your next illumination application.

For more information about LightTools, visit our website: to learn more about this software and to request a trial.

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