Getting a Head Start on Software Development with Virtual ECUs

Mercedes-Benz uses Synopsys solutions like Silver for the development and optimization of ECUs for diesel and gasoline engines, as well as for other ECUs along the powertrain. Virtual ECUs are built either from the C sources or from the HEX file of the target ECU processor. This way, Meredes-Benz engineers can move several development steps from road, engine test rig, and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) to PCs.

Learn more about how Mercedes-Benz leverages Synopsys solutions to drive innovation by reading some of the success stories below.

Success Story
Optimizing Engine Control Via Chip Simulation

Understand development of simulation solutions for proving and optimizing mathematical models.

Success Story
Chip Simulation of Automotive ECUs

How to manage increasingly complex systems design by leveraging simulation solutions.

Success Story
Chip Simulation of Automotive ECUs on PC

How Silver and Daimler use ECU simulation in the integrated engine development process by the OEM.

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