QuantumATK Atomistic Simulation Solution

Atomistic Simulation Software

QuantumATK accelerates semiconductor and materials R&D and reduces time and costs by enabling more efficient workflows in the screening process of new materials across a broad range of high-tech industries. Use QuantumATK to model complex crystalline, amorphous or alloy materials, polymers, interfaces between materials, surfaces, nano-structures and electronic devices at the atomic scale.

Benefits of QuantumATK

  • Define materials at the atomistic level and calculate their physical and chemical properties
  • Screen new materials with best properties for new products or systems
  • Replace or guide experiments to select and optimize materials in a product system
  • Addresses key applications in the semiconductor industry and is a core component of the Synopsys Design-Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO) solution.
  • Ranges from classical force fields for handling large and to some extent more realistic materials systems to ab initio tools to provide highly accurate results for smaller systems.