Prevent and Eliminate IR Drop and Power Integrity Issues Using RedHawk Analysis Fusion Designs


RedHawk Analysis Fusion enables designers to achieve early, accelerated design closure with a signoff-driven flow within IC Compiler II and Fusion Compiler. Designers can now benefit from invoking both signoff-accurate static and dynamic IR drop analysis early in the flow to reduce reliability issues while not degrading any of the other PPA metrics. The end-to-end power and rail integrity flow spans design initialization and power network synthesis, placement, clock tree synthesis, post-clock and post-route optimization, power-grid augmentation and ECO. In this webinar, we will illustrate how comprehensive block-level signoff accuracy, robust optimization techniques, and greater throughput from the RedHawk-SC integration, empower physical design teams with significant productivity and PPA gains. We will share customer deployment experiences and their testimonials on multiple tape-outs at advanced process nodes.