QSound Labs

QSound Labs QSound Labs, Inc. is a global supplier of audio and voice software technology for mobile devices, headphones, Bluetooth headsets, televisions, stereos, PC multimedia equipment and other consumer electronics. QSound’s proprietary audio algorithms truly deliver a fuller, more natural and immersive audio experience - users hear the difference!

All QSound technologies are market tested and proven with over 20 years of experience implementing advanced audio solutions for diverse applications, ranging from the music recording industry to video games, movies, television programs, streaming Internet audio, digital music files and more. QSound technologies are found in hundreds of millions of consumer electronic products world-wide.


Delivered primarily in the form of software libraries, QSound intellectual property is licensed to manufacturers of phones and consumer electronics devices as well as to suppliers of integrated circuits and middleware. Audio solutions by QSound Labs have been rigorously optimized with the participation of major industry partners focusing on three critical requirements: quality, processing performance and memory footprint.

QSurroundHD™ virtualizes multi-channel content for effective rendering on stereo hardware. Phantom center and rear speaker positions render surround content with outstanding spatial realism and fidelity.

QHD® is a compact, high-performance digital audio effects package that boosts the audio impact of media players with a powerful set of spatial, spectral and dynamic enhancements ideal for music listening. This package is also available for mobile platforms and this customized component is marketed as mQFX.

mQSynth™, a state-of-the-art multi-format ringtone player.

QVoice™, a feature-rich noise reduction and echo cancellation solution for phones, hands-free car systems, computers and headsets.

QVolume™ addresses the age-old problem of highly variable audio levels such as experienced during TV broadcasts. QVolume constantly analyzes and controls the factors affecting perceived volume, transparently maintaining consistent output.

ARC-specific Support Details

QSound Labs and Synopsys are working together to bring QSound QFX™ to the Synopsys ARC® architecture.

Learn more about how QSound and Synopsys work together.