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SMI – Success with ZeBu

Learn how SMI is using ZeBu emulation to develop storage solutions, validating firmware/drivers as well as using pre-silicon performance benchmarking to stay ahead of their competition.

Sunplus – Success with ZeBu

Sunplus is using ZeBu to support the collaboration of their world-wide teams of system engineers, software developers and RTL designers to validate their automotive and video applications.

Phison – Success with HAPS

Learn how Phison changed from in-house prototyping platforms to HAPS prototyping to achieve predictable project schedules and high efficiency debug.

Training Videos

HAPS Solution Overview

Learn about HAPS FPGA prototyping, the industry’s fastest prototyping solution, to accelerate software development and HW/SW validation.

Early Power Optimization and Analysis

Learn about Synopsys’ SpyGlass Power Explorer and PowerReplay to analysis and optimize power early in the design stage. SpyGlass Power Explorer enables power estimation and optimization at the RTL stage and PowerReplay accelerates analysis for accurate power signoff.

Verdi Debug Tips


追蹤信號往往花了工程師許多時間。在這個影片中我們將告訴你如何使用Verdi的Temporal Flow View (TFV)功能加快追蹤錯誤信號的時間。


這個影片可以幫助你了解如何使用Verdi 來Debug電路中含有UPF低功耗描述語言。

Verdi VC App 介紹

這個影片介紹Verdi VC App的功能,使用者可以藉由Verdi強大的資料庫與圖形化介面透過Verdi所提供的Tcl 指令以及C-API來編輯客製化的應用。