• 電子的、熱的、機械的、等に関する性能向上を目指した材料探索
  • 高分子工学のための熱的・機械的特性、熱輸送、およびその他の特性の計算
  • バルク系やナノスケール系におけるフォノン散乱律速移動度の予測
  • 様々な堆積法に基づく薄膜成長のシミュレーション、薄膜/表面ヘテロ構造のシミュレーション
  • 触媒活性向上のための新材料のスクリーニング
  • その他、多数


“[…QuantumATK NanoLab] provides the level of functionality and versatility that we need. [Synopsys QuantumATK] customer support has been very prompt in helping us create complex custom plug-ins. […] “

Dr. Sergey Barabash | Intermolecular Inc. 


“[…] The convenience of the single entry [NanoLab] platform to design, build, launch calculations, and characterize molecular systems using intuitive workflows and analysis tools is terrific once you’re familiar with it! […] “

Dr. Andres Jaramillo-Botero | California Institute of Technology  | 2015


“[…] Our team finds the [QuantumATK package] both easy to use and flexible and importantly, the [Synopsys QuantumATK] team is extremely responsive and committed to providing the tools we need to solve our technology problems.”

Prof. Jim Greer | University of Nottingham, Ningbo China Campus