Quantum ATK - Atomistic Simulation Applications

1. Applications in Semiconductor Development

2. Applications in Materials Development

2k. Simulation of Batteries

There is a huge need to design batteries which are cheaper, charge faster, have higher energy/power density, and are environmentally friendly. In addition to widely used Li-ion batteries, there is an intensive research effort to investigate alternative technologies such as Li-air and Li-S batteries. QuantumATK atomic-scale modeling tools enable efficient simulations relevant for all these battery types, including solid-state batteries. Two features make QuantumATK preferable to other available tools. First, it enables accurate and efficient simulations of interfaces (SEI layer), such as Li2O2/Li2CO3 in Li-air batteries. Secondly, it enables scientists and engineers to take into account the combined effect of both Brownian and electric field-induced drift contributions to the Li-ion diffusion (hopping) to describe the overall ion diffusion process. On top, a multi-model computational approach in QuantumATK allows to include electronic effects when simulating Li-ion diffusion. The approach combines classical force-field molecular dynamics (MD) simulations with a Density Functional Theory (DFT) description of time-dependent fluctuations of the atomic charges as the MD simulation progresses.

Key Benefits of QuantumATK

  • Simulate Li-ion diffusion in cathode materials using the multi-model computational approach with an applied electric field.
  • Obtain Li-ion diffusion paths and rates using combinations of various techniques such as the nudged elastic band (NEB), the harmonic transition state theory (HTST), adaptive kinetic Monte Carlo (AKMC), and time-stamped force-bias Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Calculate open-circuit voltage profile during the cell discharge.
  • Simulate interfaces with or without defects and their effects on electronic and ionic transport across such interfaces.

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