RTL Architect

Simply Better RTL

The Synopsys RTL Architect™ product represents the industry’s first physically aware RTL analysis, optimization, and signoff system.

RTL Architect uses a fast, multi-dimensional implementation prediction engine that enables RTL designers to predict the power, performance, area, and congestion impact of their RTL changes. Built on a unified data model, RTL Architect directly leverages Synopsys’ world-class implementation and golden signoff solutions, including PrimePower RTL, to deliver results that are accurate early in the design cycle. RTL Architect enables designers to significantly reduce RTL development time and to achieve “Simply Better RTL."


  • Predictable RTL closure with accurate feedback on implementability and PPA metrics
  • Reduced RTL development time with early and accurate feedback on RTL quality
  • Superior PPA through parallel RTL exploration


  • Fast, high-capacity, and multi-dimensional predictive engine
  • Unified data model for unmatched multi-billion gate capacity and full-chip hierarchical RTL designs
  • Built on Synopsys’ implementation and golden signoff solutions, including PrimePower RTL
  • Advanced interactive GUI interface with RTL cross-probing for insightful analysis

Predictive RTL Design Closure with RTL Architect

Shankar Krishnamoorthy, SVP of Engineering, discusses the genesis of RTL Architect, Synopsys' new predictive RTL design closure solution.

The Breakthrough Technology Behind RTL Architect

Neeraj Kaul, VP of Engineering, discusses RTL Architect’s core capabilities and provides an overview of its unique capabilities.