Automatic Test Pattern Generation

TetraMAX® ATPG automatically generates high quality manufacturing test patterns. It’s the only ATPG solution optimized for a wide range of test methodologies and integrated with Synopsys’ patented DFTMAX™ and DFTMAX Ultra, the leading test synthesis tools. The unparalleled ease-of- use and high performance provided by TetraMAX ATPG allows RTL designers to quickly create efficient, compressed test patterns for even the most complex designs. 


  • Improves product quality with comprehensive fault model support and power-aware test patterns
  • Increases designer productivity by leveraging integration with Synopsys test compression tools
  • Generates test patterns for even the largest and most complex SoCs
  • Enables faster yield ramp by quickly isolating defect locations
Integrated test flow using TetraMAX ATPG

Integrated test flow using TetraMAX ATPG