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What's New in 2008.09 DesignWare Library Datapath and Building Block IP

By Arshid Syed, DesignWare Sr. CAE

The DesignWare® Library introduced 6 new Building Block IP in 2008.09 release. The DesignWare Library Datapath and Building Block IP are tightly integrated with Design Compiler (DC) and are the part of the DC installation. This release contains new Floating Point components, and combinational logic blocks. All of these components are available in the DesignWare Library at no additional cost.

This article provides a brief description and associated features of the new blocks.

Floating Point Components:

The following are the features the Floating Point Components:
  • The precision of the floating point numbers is parameterizable. These parameters cover all the IEEE formats.
  • The parameter range for exponents is from 3 to 31 bits.
  • The fractional part of the floating point number can range from 2 to 60 bits
  • Complete IEEE 754 compliance can be controlled with the ieee_compliance parameter (=FALSE by default) parameter.

For detailed information on DesignWare Floating Point Components and its datasheets, go to the following link:


The following are the two new DesignWare Floating Point components added to the library:

DW_fp_exp computes the exponential of a floating-point input a, delivering an output z=ea which is also a floating-point value.

Datasheet: https://www.synopsys.com/dw/doc.php/doc/dwf/datasheets/dw_fp_exp.pdf

DW_fp_ln is a floating point component that performs the natural logarithm of a floating-point input a, to output z=ln(a) that is also a floating-point value.


Trigonometric Block

DW_sincos This is a fixed point sine and cosine unit that calculates either WAVE = sin(πA) or cos(πA) by controlling the SIN_COS pin. A and WAVE are fixed point values. DW_sincos has two additional parameters: arch selects between the area-optimized and speed-optimized, and err_range allows you to choose the error range between 1 ulp error and 2 ulp error.

Datasheet: https://www.synopsys.com/dw/doc.php/doc/dwf/datasheets/dw_sincos.pdf

Arithmetic and Combinational

The other new arithmetic and combinational Building Block IP are:

DW_ln: computes the natural logarithm (ln) of an input "a" in fixed-point format. The input must be in the range [1,2) (normalized input) and therefore the output is in the range [0, ln(2)).

Datasheet: https://www.synopsys.com/dw/doc.php/doc/dwf/datasheets/dw_ln.pdf

DW_decode_en: decodes an address on input port "a" to a single bit line on output port "b." A decoder with width = n bits has 2n bits at the output, where each output with index I becomes active when en = 1 (enable input) and input a = i.

Datasheet: https://www.synopsys.com/dw/doc.php/doc/dwf/datasheets/dw_decode_en.pdf

DW_thermdec: decodes a binary value present at input port a and sets contiguous bits of the output port b, depending on the enable input (en). A thermometer decoder with input width = n bits has 2n bits at the output, where each output with index j ≤ i becomes active when en = 1 (enable input) and input a = i. When en = 0 none of the output bits are active.

Datasheet: https://www.synopsys.com/dw/doc.php/doc/dwf/datasheets/dw_thermdec.pdf

Where to find 2008.09 DesignWare Building Blocks

For the complete list of DesignWare Building Block IP and their datasheets , visit:


If you are using any older version of Design Compiler (2007.12 or 2007.03), you can still use the latest version DesignWare Building Blocks. The DesignWare tar ball is available on the following page:


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