Custom WaveView

Waveform Viewer and Simulation Post-processing Tool

Custom WaveView™ is a graphical waveform viewer and simulation post-processing tool for analog and mixed-signal ICs. Custom WaveView features fast loading, display scrolling, and zooming of very large waveform files, multiple simulator format support, and a rich set of analog and mixed-signal analysis features. 

Custom WaveView main window

Custom WaveView Main Window 


  • High-performance waveform database I/O to quickly access large amounts of simulation data
  • Extensive mixed-signal display functions and analysis capabilities to extract measurements from simulation results
  • Single waveform tool for multiple simulators
  • Built-in support for HSPICE .MEASURE command and parametric plots for .ALTER simulations
  • Transient, AC, RF, mixed-signal display and analysis
  • Optional Tcl API for programming complex user post-processing scripts
  • Flexible waveform grouping—add multiple waveform views, either from different simulator runs on the same circuit netlist or from different netlists