Test Design Tools

High Quality, Low Cost Test

DFTMAX™ is a comprehensive synthesis-based test solution for compression and advanced design-for-test that addresses the cost challenges of testing complex designs. Designs can have subtle manufacturing defects that are only detected by applying high defect coverage tests, such as at-speed and bridging tests, in addition to stuck-at tests. The extra patterns needed to achieve high test quality for these designs can increase both the test time and the test data, resulting in higher test costs.

DFTMAX reduces these costs by delivering push-button high test data and test time compression with very low silicon area overhead. Seamlessly enabling compression in TetraMAX® ATPG, and encapsulated in Synopsys Design Platform, DFTMAX achieves predictable results with virtually zero impact on timing. The DFTMAX Ultra add-on to DFTMAX addresses the need for ever-higher compression using fewer test pins.


  • Lowers test costs
  • Enables high defect coverage
  • As easy-to-use as standard scan
  • Avoids any impact on design timing
  • Leverages physical design for area optimization
  • Preserves low-power design intent
  • Minimizes power consumption during test
  • Works in conjunction with the DesignWare STAR Memory System and DesignWare STAR Hierarchical System
DFTMAX delivers high test time and test volume reduction

DFTMAX delivers high test time and test volume reduction