DesignWare Foundation IP for SMIC 40LL

Accelerate your mobile SoC development with foundry-sponsored DesignWare® Embedded Memories and Logic Libraries, as well as Embedded Test & Repair, for the SMIC 40LL process technologies. As part of Synopsys' Foundry-Sponsored IP Program, the DesignWare Logic Library and Embedded Memory IP is available at no cost to qualified licensees. 

The embedded memories and logic libraries for the SMIC 40LL process enable design teams to optimize their system-on-chip (SoC) designs for both speed and energy efficiency. In addition, embedded memories with built-in self-test (BIST) STAR Memory System® reduce the overall area and dynamic power of mobile SoC designs.

"Our collaboration with Synopsys on SMIC 40LL offers designers targeting the consumer market a proven path to technology-leading Foundation IP. Providing foundry-sponsored embedded memories and logic libraries will enable our mutual customers to achieve both high speed and low power across the entire SoC."

Tian Shen Tang, Executive Vice President, SMIC

Figure 1: The DesignWare Duet Packages with STAR Memory System offer optimized logic libraries and embedded memories with BIST and repair capability

Figure 2: Integrated STAR Memory System reduces core area by ~7% and dynamic power by ~12%