Ultra Low Leakage Libraries

Ultra Low Leakage Libraries, built with thick IO oxide, provide up to 100X leakage reduction and are used for implementing always-on blocks of logic that can be directly connected to energy sources such as LiON batteries for high voltage operation. The libraries come with level shifters to interface to standard voltage domain logic blocks and memories.

DesignWare Logic Libraries Low Leakage
Figure 1: Long Channels and IO Oxide for Lowest Leakage

Always-on ULL Control Block
Figure 2: Always-on ULL Control Block Directly Connected to Battery or Switching Regulator for LDO Control


  • Easy to Use
    • Standard synthesis, place and route design flow
    • Connect directly to LiON cells without voltage regulator power drain
    • Build as separate block for pitch matching
    • Characterized with same VTs, PVTs as base libraries
    • Include level shifters to other standard voltage domains
  • Cost Effective
    • Include always-on wakeup blocks and power management on same die
    • Uses standard IO oxide
  • Applications
    • Lowest leakage for always-on wakeup circuits with high voltage capability for direct connect to LiON or other batteries
    • Use without regulators to support operation from 0.9V to 3.6V
    • Wake up state machines – turn on LDOs
    • Implement LiON with charging algorithms
  • Rich Cell Sets
    • Combinational circuits for Boolean functions
    • Sequential (flip-flops) with retention
    • Clock cells
    • Level shifters to core voltage PVTs
    • Isolation cells for managing power down
  • Battery Support
    • 3.6V LiON
    • 3V Mercury
    • 1.5V Alkaline
    • 0.9 End-of-life