Pre-Silicon Software Validation

The earlier software developers can access a realistic platform of the SoC, the earlier both HW and SW engineers can fully verify their designs and ship a product.

The first requirement for software developers is accessing a fast model of the SoC. Millions of instructions per second (MIPS) is the bare minimum to run complete software stacks. ZeBu can typically deliver multiple MIPS performance so software developers remain productive.

The second requirement is accuracy. In order to make sure that the SoC can process the amount of data it's required for the specific application, you can't rely exclusively on a high-level model. Subtle variations on memory bus contention or interrupt latency for instance can have drastic effects on overall performance of a design. This is why RTL is ultimately the only trusted source for accurate models. ZeBu provides cycle-accurate execution of RTL models, fulfilling both the performance and accuracy requirements of Pre-Silicon Software Validation.


By providing a fast, accurate platform for both the hardware and software teams to work from, ZeBu enables engineers to deliver a complete SoC with functional software ahead of schedule and without last-minute software workarounds.

ZeBu offers complete solutions for SoCs utilizing embedded processors from ARM®, Cadence Tensilica®, Imagination Technologies®, Synopsys ARC and Texas Instruments™ based SoCs, and can also support custom processors.