Analog Simulation Just Got Faster

The Synopsys FineSim™ simulator, an integral part of the Synopsys Custom Design Platform, is a high-performance circuit simulator with built-in full SPICE and FastSPICE simulation engines. FineSim’s unique multi-core/multi-machine simulation capability allows users to drastically improve simulation performance and capacity. FineSim is well-suited for simulation of large, complex analog circuits, as well as DRAM/SRAM/Flash memory design. FineSim has innovative technology that speeds up simulation of leading-edge analog designs by 3X compared to other accelerated SPICE solutions.

FineSim multi-core/multi-machine full-chip circuit simulation

FineSim multi-core/multi-machine full-chip circuit simulation 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Combination of accuracy and performance in a single executable allows large, mixed-signal designs to be simulated with very accurate SPICE and FastSPICE solving techniques. This provides complete control of speed vs. accuracy tradeoffs throughout the entire design verification process
  • Multi-core/multi-machine simulation delivers silicon-accurate results for very large complex systems (10M+ transistors). With multi-core simulations, the performance scales linearly per core and can increase 20X to 30X or more, in some cases
  • Provides unmatched performance through advanced SPICE and FastSPICE solvers, improving runtimes by 3X to 10X for single core simulations
  • Achieves silicon-accurate results for all analog, mixed-signal, memory, custom digital and SoC designs that typically present simulation closure challenges, including PLLs, ADCs, SERDES, power management, charge pumps, and memories
  • Advanced post-layout parasitic RC reduction technology enables fast runtime while delivering accurate results
  • RF analysis features for fast phase noise and transient noise analysis of high-speed analog circuits

Accelerate Innovation with Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification

FineSim is a key part of the Synopsys analog/mixed-signal (AMS) verification suite, a solution built to address the most critical issues in AMS verification.