Full-Chip Mask Synthesis

Proteus provides a comprehensive and powerful environment for performing full-chip proximity correction, building models for correction, and analyzing proximity effects on corrected and uncorrected IC layout patterns. Proteus mask synthesis products are the tools of choice for leading edge IDMs and foundries and have been production proven for over a decade.

Proteus Pipeline Technology provides a fully concurrent tapeout flow for maximum CPU utilization and is a major departure from serial manufacturing flows, in which a complete post-optical proximity correction (OPC) database must be available before the latter applications can be initiated. Using a dual-domain simulation engine which combines the strength of field-based simulation and flash-based simulation, Proteus delivers the most accurate OPC results and fastest turnaround time for both dense and sparse designs. Proteus’ programmability and modularized applications provide optimal flexibility while ensuring protection of valuable customer IP.


  • Production-proven performance and superior quality of results
  • Fully pipelined tapeout flow to efficiently utilize expensive hardware resources
  • The most accurate, easy to use, and flexible modeling environment
  • Production-proven comprehensive suite of RET applications
  • Proteus LRC through process window lithography verification
  • Sentaurus Lithography rigorous simulation interfaces within Proteus manufacturing tools
  • Best cost of ownership through the use of optimized general purpose hardware
  • Core technology uniquely connects manufacturing information to design
Proteus Full-chip Mask Synthesis Suite

Proteus full-chip mask synthesis suite