Proteus WorkBench

Cockpit Tool for OPC Development and Optimization

With Proteus WorkBench (PWB), Synopsys provides a single environment that facilitates ProGen model building, Proteus OPC recipe generation and optimization, layout visualization and editing, verification, and other resolution enhancement technique (RET) functions. PWB combines ease-of-use with high efficiency, resulting in a fast turnaround time for setting up production-ready mask synthesis flows.


  • Save engineering time through automated model calibration, tuning, and validation
  • Optimize recipe parameters for unmatched full chip OPC and RET performance
  • High-speed layout visualization and lithography analysis
  • Seamless interfacing to Synopsys' metrology toolbox (Proteus MetroKit) and rigorous lithography process simulation suite (Sentaurus Lithography)

PWB offers a collection of powerful tools that allow engineers to further improve the quality of results of Proteus-based mask synthesis flows. With a single click, GUI elements specific to the selected application are loaded, providing a customized working environment for the particular engineering task. Advanced users can enable multiple tools to address more complex problems.

PWB is fully programmable; users can modify windows, menus, toolbars, and add their own macros and scripts to extend functionality, turning PWB into a unique environment for individual OPC tasks.

The figure below shows the different modules available in PWB, as well as the links to other Synopsys products which significantly extend the application space of the tool.

Figure 1: Proteus WorkBench - Module structure

Figure 1: Proteus WorkBench - Module structure