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Embedded vision (EV) technology for advanced driver assistance systems is an emerging trend. Remove the barrier to mass adoption with Synopsys. Our EV processors are unrivaled for safety-critical applications. Learn more about emerging safety standards, how they apply to embedded vision applications, and how to integrate object and facial recognition into your automotive systems.

Introduction to Embedded Vision

This video is your starting point for learning about embedded vision. It provides an overview of embedded vision and starts the conversation on how embedded vision is changing the way humans interact with their electronic devices. 

Addressing Automotive Safety Requirements with ASIL D Ready Vision Processor IP

Learn about the new ASIL D Ready DesignWare EV6x Embedded Vision Processor IP with Safety Enhancement Package (SEP) for AI-enabled automotive SoCs. EV6x IP with SEP helps designers accelerate ISO 26262 SoC-level functional safety certifications while maximizing performance and minimizing area and power.

Designing Smarter, Safer Cars with Embedded Vision Using Synopsys EV Processor Cores

This presentation provides an overview of the latest safety standards (such as ISO 26262), explains how they apply to embedded vision applications, and describes the technical features that system architects should look for when selecting an embedded vision processor for their safety-critical automotive ICs and SoCs.

Object Detection Demo with DesignWare EV Processor Family

Watch a demo of how DesignWare EV vision processors offer high accuracy and performance for embedded vision applications. The EV processors are built on a multi-core architecture that is optimized for vision applications, and implement a convolutional neural network that can operate at more than 1,000 GOPS/Watt.

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