Double the Performance

ZeBu® uses the most advanced silicon node and highest capacity emulation chips on the market. ZeBu achieves a 2X performance advantage with its advanced emulation compile technology versus competing emulators. Performance is the key concern for high value use cases such as software bring-up, performance validation, system validation, as well as software-driven power analysis.

Half the Cost

ZeBu total cost of ownership (TCO) is half of its largest competitor. When calculating the TCO, the purchase price, annual maintenance, as well as electricity and floorspace cost are considered. ZeBu Server 4 consumes only 1/10th of the power of its largest competitor. A 1 billion gates ZeBu capacity system will consume 3 million kWh less than its competitor or equivalently 2,000 metric tons less CO2, over a 5 year life cycle.

ZeBu Server

ZeBu Server 4 emulation system builds on the proven ZeBu Fast Emulation architecture with 2X the emulation performance over competing emulation solutions, to enable SoC verification and software bring-up, and to address the exploding verification requirements of automotive, 5G, networking, artificial intelligence, and datacenter SoCs.

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