Predictive Modeling of Lithographic Processes

S-Litho represents advanced lithography simulation for semiconductor device manufacturing process development and optimization. It covers a wide range of applications in proximity printing, optical, immersion, extreme ultraviolet (EUV), and electron beam (e-beam) lithography. Process-limiting effects within the imaging system of an exposure tool can be thoroughly analyzed, taking the impact of mask and substrate topography on photoresist patterning into account. Interfacing S- Litho with Sentaurus Topography allows a seamless modeling of complex integration techniques such as double-patterning. The link between S-Litho and other Synopsys tools in the area of design and mask synthesis accelerates the generation of optical proximity correction (OPC) models, and helps to minimize process sensitivity.


  • Predict the impact of process variations on lithographic performance
  • Address complex process integration techniques such as multi-patterning
  • Support lithography strategy path-finding for current and future technology nodes by supporting proximity printing, optical projection, EUV and e-beam lithography
  • Enable integration with mask synthesis tools to support manufacturing applications, to reduce cost and improve yield

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Want to learn to operate Advanced UDA for Aerial Image Simulations to Maximize Process Window?
S-Litho offers the Illumination Exploration application, which provides methodologies to optimize the process window and helps you decide what combinations of NA, Coherence and mask settings will provide the largest process window.