S-Litho Predictive Modeling | Synopsys


Predictive Modeling of Lithographic Processes

S-Litho represents advanced lithography simulation for semiconductor device manufacturing process development and optimization. It covers a wide range of applications in proximity printing, optical, immersion, extreme ultraviolet (EUV), and electron beam (e-beam) lithography. Process-limiting effects within the imaging system of an exposure tool can be thoroughly analyzed, taking the impact of mask and substrate topography on photoresist patterning into account. Interfacing S- Litho with Sentaurus Topography allows a seamless modeling of complex integration techniques such as double-patterning. The link between S-Litho and other Synopsys tools in the area of design and mask synthesis accelerates the generation of optical proximity correction (OPC) models, and helps to minimize process sensitivity.


  • Predict the impact of process variations on lithographic performance
  • Address complex process integration techniques such as multi-patterning
  • Support lithography strategy path-finding for current and future technology nodes by supporting proximity printing, optical projection, EUV and e-beam lithography
  • Enable integration with mask synthesis tools to support manufacturing applications, to reduce cost and improve yield