HAPS-SX Prototyping

Lower cost FPGA-based prototyping versus build-your-own

The HAPS®-SX product line offers low-cost FPGA-based prototypes targeted at customers familiar with hands-on methods for prototype bring-up. Based on leading-edge FPGA architectures it delivers prototyping capacity at a cost-effective price point. HAPS-SX integrates an out-of-the-box board experience where more of the interconnect is fixed allowing for easy prototype bring-up and fast performance. HAPS-SX also adds FPGAs with DSP resources to enable prototyping of signal processing functionality.


The HAPS-SX VU440 4F is a stand-alone system with four Xilinx VU440 FPGAs which supports a wide range of design types.


HAPS-SX VU440 1F and 2F

HAPS-SX VU440 1F and 2F desktop prototypes are configured with a single or dual Xilinx VU440 FPGAs, with built-in infrastructure for connecting a software debugger.


The HAPS-SX VU13P 4F prototype is equipped with four Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ VU13P for digital signal processing algorithms and memory intensive designs.


The HAPS-SX VU19P 1F is equipped with a single Xilinx UltraScale+ VU19P supporting up to 42M ASIC gates.