PDK SMART Photonics (InP)

This InP design kit contains the building blocks for fabrication runs offered by SMART Photonics.

SMART Photonics is the first foundry to commercially offer a generic process for production of InP based photonic integrated circuits. The SMART Photonics PDK consists of a comprehensive building block library, consisting of active and passive devices for InP based photonic integration. The PDK is evolved from the COBRA PDK that has been extensively tested by many universities, research institutes and industrial partners in various Multi Project Wafer (MPW) runs over the past years.

This PDK is a plug-in library for OptoDesigner and in addition to the photonic elements from the standard OptoDesigner library, the PDK contains technology specific information like mask layer names, design rules, validated building blocks, die sizes and GDS file settings.

The PDK contents are listed below [v1.0.0, 13 November 2017]:

  1. Technology set-up files
  2. Material and cross-sectional information for simulations
  3. Die templates to start with your design in OptoDesigner
  4. Building block library with the following basic building blocks
    • Waveguides: weak and strong guiding
    • Waveguide transition elements
    • Waveguide crossings
    • Curved waveguides, S-bends
    • Electrical Isolation slots
    • Metal interconnect incl. WG crossover
    • EO-phase modulator
    • pin-Photo detector
    • SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, can be used as a gain block for lasers
  5. Extended library with a number of composite building blocks to kick-start your design:
    • 1x1 Modefilter
    • 1x2 MMI coupler
    • 2x2 MMI coupler
    • 1x0 MIR Multi-mode interference reflector
    • 2x0 MIR Multi-mode interference reflector
  6. Design rules to ensure manufacturable designs
  7. GDS generation

SMART Photonics Multi Project Wafer Runs

MPW-runs are planned every 3 months. Interested users are requested to contact SMART Photonics or JePPIX (coordinator@jeppix.euwww.jeppix.eu), who is coordinating the access to InP MPW services. Training on design using OptoDesigner and this PDK is performed on a regular basis.