This InP photonics Design Kit contains the building blocks for the Multi Project Wafer runs offered by Fraunhofer HHI (Heinrich Hertz Institute)

The Process Design Kit (PDK) for InP photonics is a licensed plug-in library library for OptoDesigner and supports the Multi Project Wafer runs provided by Fraunhofer HHI through the technology broker JePPIX or in direct commercial collaboration with HHI.

HHI offers an advanced PDK that contains EOPM blocks.

In addition to the photonic elements from the standard generic design library, the PDK contains technology-specific information such as mask layer names, design rules, validated building blocks, s-matrix compact models, die templates for layout generation, and GDS file settings. The content is supported by the bi-directional interface between Synopsys’ circuit and layout photonic solutions.

The HHI PDK EOPM is supported at the layout level and contains the standard OptoDesigner library, as well as HHI-specific information such as mask layer names, design rules, and GDS settings.

PDK Contents v6.4.0

  • Technology setup files
  • All relevant cross-sectional information including the materials involved. Possibilities for mode-solving as well as beam-propagation simulations
  • Die templates
  • Set of passive building blocks (C-band) for HHI EOPM 6.4
    • 40GHz detectors and balanced detectors
    • Three waveguide geometries (shallow, medium, and deep etch)
    • Waveguide transitions, crossings, arcs
    • Y-coupler
    • MMIs
    • AWGs
    • Spot-size converters for efficient SSMF-coupling
    • TO phase-sections
    • DC and RF metal tracks, including waveguide crossings
    • Polarization rotators and splitters
  • Set of active building blocks
    • EOPM 6.4
      • Polarization splitter
      • PIN photodiodes
      • Modulators and biases
      • Lasers and amplifiers
      • Tunable grating
  • Design Rules
  • GDS generation

Multi Project Wafer Runs

JePPIX offers access to Fraunhofer HHI’s Multi Project Wafer runs, a schedule can be found on the JePPIX website.

JePPIX also offers access to packaging services from Cordon Electronics (previously Linkra).