Super Chips with Synopsys

Enabling Industry-defining SoC Design

Synopsys collaborates with leading companies to develop innovative, industry-defining SoCs for cutting-edge automotive, AI, machine learning, high-performance computing, 5G, IoT, and VR/AR applications. Using the Synopsys Design Platform with Fusion Technology, designers can quickly develop advanced digital, custom, and analog/mixed-signal designs with the best power, performance, area, and yield. By leveraging our experience in enabling technology convergence across synthesis, implementation, and signoff, we partner with customers to quickly bring highly-differentiated products to market.

Renesas R-Car V3H

Jean-François Chouteau introduces Renesas’ autonomy™ Platform which delivers end-to-end automotive solutions. Renesas used the Synopsys Design Platform to develop the R-Car V3H SoC’s hardware accelerator to provide cutting-edge computer vision capabilities for smart cameras in autonomous vehicles.

"The Synopsys Design Platform with Fusion Technology provides all of the capabilities we need to achieve superior processing performance for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our partnership has been instrumental in developing the Colossus IPU."

-Phil Horsfield, Vice President of Silicon at Graphcore

The Industry's Leading IC Design and Signoff Technologies

New technology process nodes including 5 nm and 3 nm are being developed and readied for deployment. Get up to speed on the latest developments in the tools that enable today's production processes. To learn more about synthesis, implementation and signoff technologies from Synopsys, please follow the links below to the solutions pages for each category of products.