Taurus Medici

A 2D device simulator

Taurus Medici is a 2D device simulator that models the electrical, thermal and optical characteristics of semiconductor devices. A wide variety of devices including MOSFETs, BJTs, HBTs, power devices, IGBTs, HEMTs, CCDs and photodetectors can be modeled. Taurus Medici can be used to design and optimize devices to meet performance goals, thereby reducing the need for costly experiments.

With the continued scaling of CMOS devices, device design and optimization become more difficult. Previously unimportant phenomena, such as direct tunneling, can now dominate device performance and design criteria. The vast array of advanced transport and quantum models available in Taurus Medici allow users to perform accurate simulations of deeply scaled devices.


  • Analyze electrical, thermal and optical characteristics of devices through simulation without having to manufacture the actual device
  • Determine static and transient terminal currents and voltages under all operating conditions of interest
  • Understand internal device operations through potential, electric field, carrier, current density and recombination and generation rate distributions
  • Investigate breakdown and failure mechanisms, such as leakage paths and hot-carrier effects