HSPICE SIG 2019 Video

HSPICE SIG 2018 circuit simulation/analog verification video

Accelerating Robust Verification for Advanced Node Designs


On January 30, 2019, Synopsys hosted the 9th HSPICE Special Interest Group (SIG) event in Santa Clara, California. Experts from Arm, NVIDIA and Synopsys shared their experiences using Synopsys circuit simulation products to verify some of their toughest designs. Techniques discussed included Advanced Variation analysis, Sigma Amplification, StatEye and some exciting new features in HSPICE and FineSim SPICE.

The Synopsys HSPICE Special Interest Group (SIG) is an active community for all HSPICE users and design engineers who want to stay connected with the latest developments in the field of circuit simulation.

Topics and Speakers

Event Emcee
Geoffrey Ying, Director of AMS Marketing, Synopsys

Vitality and the Spice of Life
Scott Wedge, Principal HSPICE R&D Engineer, Synopsys

HSPICE Advance Variation Analysis with Standard Cell Validation
Tom Mahatdejkul, Principal Design Engineer, Arm

Verification of GDDR DRAM Interface
Matthew Abrams, Principal Engineer, NVIDIA

Simulation Methodologies in Solutions Group MSIP Verification: Timely Verification of Design Quality
S. S. Mohan, Director of R&D, Solutions Group, Synopsys