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Our Synopsys India employees are an integral part of Synopsys' global market, technology, and community leadership. As we build strong teams to help accelerate our technology in this highly competitive market, we are always looking for talented, capable people to join our workforce. Whether you are a recent graduate or have years of technical experience, we want to hear from you!

Here, you will learn more about Synopsys India, what it means to be a Synopsys employee, current job and internship opportunities, as well as information about employee benefits. For more than 30 years, engineers around the world have used Synopsys technology to design and create billions of chips and systems that are found in the electronics that are increasingly touching everyone, everything, everywhere. Our people and values - Integrity, Customer Success through Execution Excellence, Leadership, and Passion - make Synopsys an amazing place to accelerate your career.

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Affirmative Action Policy

    Synopsys is an equal opportunity employer. We strive to maintain a workplace where all personnel, including employees, job applicants, customers, and vendors are treated with dignity, fairness, and respect. This policy promotes that purpose and specifically addresses Synopsys’ standards regarding accommodations for persons with disabilities.

  2. SCOPE
    This policy applies to Synopsys in India (Synopsys (India) Pvt Limited, Synopsys (India) EDA Software Pvt Limited) and its affiliates and subsidiaries (Atrenta India Pvt Ltd, Cigital Asia Private Ltd, Silicon & Beyond Pvt Ltd).

    1. Equal Opportunity and Disabilities Liaison Officer
      We pride ourselves in providing a healthy and productive work environment with fair and equal access to inter alia all jobs, benefits, training and promotions, without any discrimination based on a person’s disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. All decisions relating to employment, transfers, promotion, training, compensation, performance evaluation, and merit increases shall be done fairly, based on individual merit and in accordance with applicable laws. All managers and employees in positions of authority have a special obligation to maintain and support a healthy, inclusive, and productive work environment.

      Synopsys believes that inclusion of differently-abled persons within the employee community will not only benefit and improve the quality of work but will also help achieve organizational goals. As an organization, we believe that a diverse workforce can broaden workplace knowledge and experience, enhance outputs, and help generate innovative ideas and thoughts. To that end, Synopsys has appointed a Disabilities Liaison Officer, Jayashree Lakshmikanth (, who oversees the recruitment of persons with disabilities and makes the necessary provisions and facilities for such persons.

    2. Reasonable Accommodation
      We as an organization take necessary efforts to encourage full participation and integration of disabled persons in all facilities and activities of the organization. This includes but is not limited to providing specialized training, restructuring job requirements, providing assistive devices, and reconfiguring physical spaces for barrier-free accessibility. For example, we have restrooms at our Hyderabad office as well as the RMZ Infinity Towers in Bangalore that are equipped for those with physical disabilities.

      Every post at Synopsys could potentially accommodate an employee with a disability, depending on the needs of the employee, the requirements of the position, and business resources. Therefore, any person with a disability who believes he or she requires an accommodation in order to perform the essential functions of the job should contact Synopsys’ Disabilities Liaison Officer, Jayashree Lakshmikanth, at +91.80.4018.9435 or, or the respective Regional Human Resource: Jayashree Lakshmikanth ( for Bangalore; Aparna Ganguly ( for NCR; and Ragini Mahapatra ( for Hyderabad and Mumbai. The individual with the disability will be asked to submit information in writing regarding what accommodation he or she needs. Synopsys may also propose alternative accommodation(s) or adjustment(s) in line with the nature of disability and requirements of the job, and to avoid undue hardship.

    3. Reporting Concerns
      We are each expected to do our part to create a healthy and productive work environment for everyone. This includes bringing issues to management’s attention when you believe certain conditions are distracting from a good work environment or if the HR policies are being violated. Any person who believes he or she has been the target of discrimination at Synopsys on account of his/her disability (or such other characteristics protected by applicable law) should raise concerns with management or Regional HR. If employees are still unable to resolve their concerns, their disputes may be resolved through our Grievance Redressal Mechanisms.

    4. No Retaliation
      Synopsys will not retaliate, or tolerate any retaliation, against any person who in good faith complains of discrimination, assists in an investigation of possible discrimination, or files a complaint, grievance or lawsuit alleging discrimination. Management will take appropriate action against anyone who is found to be violating this policy.