Code of Ethics

We expect each Synopsys employee to exercise good judgment, to act ethically, and to comply with the letter and spirit of the law. We have memorialized this longstanding commitment to fair and ethical business practices in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

On December 15, 2015, the Board of Directors of Synopsys amended the Code of Ethics & Business Conduct (the “Code”) to reflect the following changes:

  • The applicability of the Code was changed from: “Our Code applies to all Synopsys employees around the world, including all Synopsys officers and directors” to “Our Code applies to all Synopsys personnel employed by or engaged to provide services to Synopsys, including, but not limited to, Synopsys employees, officers, directors, temporary employees, workers (including agency workers), and independent contractors (for ease of reference throughout this Code, “employees”).
  • Reference to the Business Partner Code of Conduct, a separate code of conduct intended for Synopsys business partners, was also added: “In addition, Synopsys has a separate Business Partner Code of Conduct with which certain business partners (including distributors and resellers) must comply.”

Please note that certain hyperlinks contained in the Code are only active when accessing the Code from Synopsys’ intranet.

Business Partner Code

The Synopsys Business Partner Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is the roadmap for Synopsys Business Partners to do business the right way. By conducting business with Synopsys, each Business Partner agrees to comply with the Code and to maintain the highest ethical standards under any and all circumstances. Every Business Partner is required to review the contents of this document and to make this document available to employees and others doing business on the Business Partner’s behalf. Business Partners are further required to sign the Receipt and Acknowledgement, which certifies that the Business Partner has received and reviewed the Code, that the Business Partner understands and agrees to comply with the Code, and that the Business Partner understands that engaging in conduct that is in violation of the Code or is otherwise unethical is grounds for termination or non-renewal of the Business Partner’s relationship with Synopsys.