DesignWare Technical Bulletin Article

Synopsys Introduces Industry's First SystemC SuperSpeed USB 3.0 TLM-2.0 Models

The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transaction-level models enable pre-RTL and pre-silicon software development, verification and architecture exploration. The models are TLM representations of the Synopsys DesignWare® SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Device and xHCI Host Controller. The models support the Open SystemC™ Initiative (OSCI) TLM-2.0 API specification and function with any IEEE 1666-compliant SystemC simulator. The availability of ready-to-use SuperSpeed USB 3.0 TLM models, which are cross-verified with the corresponding DesignWare SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Interface IP and the associated Linux drivers, enables rapid development of virtual platforms for designs integrating the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Interface. The models are part of the DesignWare System-Level Library which features more than 100 TLM models, including TLM representations of DesignWare IP such as USB, Ethernet, PCI, SATA and AMBA.
  • Transaction-level models of the Synopsys DesignWare SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Device Controller and xHCI Host Controller
  • Functionally accurate register interface
  • SystemC IEEE1666 compliant
  • TLM-2.0 Master and Slave Memory mapped interfaces
  • Implemented at the OSCI LT (loosely-timed) abstraction level for high-performance simulation
  • Support logging of all register read and write operations
  • Command interface allows control of model features during simulation
  • Fully configurable via extensive set of parameters, compliant to those parameters provided with the corresponding DesignWare Interface IP
  • Synopsys generic PHY models provide interactive generation of USB events such as connect/disconnect
  • Qualified with Synopsys Linux drivers
  • Device Controller:
    • Features virtual I/O allowing modeled USB device to appear as a real device connected to the host computer
    • Supports control via custom script language using ScriptRunner capability
    • Supports various levels of logging for USB transactions
  • Host Controller: Features real world I/O allowing modeled USB Host Controller to control real devices connected to the host computer
Real World I/O and Virtual I/O Support
  • Real world I/O provides connection to the external world, enabling interaction with external systems and test software executing real data
  • Virtual I/O enables the virtual modeling of an external interface (e.g., a virtual platform acting as a USB device)

The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 TLM models are available immediately to all DesignWare System-Level Library licensees.

For more information on the System-Level Models, please visit us here.