DesignWare Technical Bulletin Article

DesignWare minPower Components Slash Power in Datapath Circuit

DesignWare minPower Components is a new IP product that dramatically reduces power consumptions in datapath logic. Because the datapath logic is predominant in blocks that are continuously powered, the power savings achieved by DesignWare minPower Components can have profound impact on the overall energy consumption profile. By using the DesignWare minPower Components, designers can significantly extend battery life in mobile applications and reduce power consumption for high performance SoCs.

DesignWare minPower Components offer unique, power-optimized datapath architectures that enable DC Ultra™ to automatically generate circuits that suppress excess switching activity and glitches, reducing both dynamic and leakage power for mobile devices and high-performance applications. Based on the actual switching activities, transition probabilities, available standard cells, and analysis of possible configurations, DesignWare minPower Components architectures are automatically configured by DC Ultra to implement the optimal structure with the lowest power consumption. In addition to the automatically inferable components, the DesignWare minPower Components also include more than 40 instantiable blocks that incorporate low power design techniques such as enhanced clock gating, built-in datapath gating and patented data-tracking pipeline management technology to reduce power consumption.

DesignWare minPower Components provide power savings not addressed by today's conventional low power design techniques. Because the optimization takes place at the circuit architecture level, the power savings achieved with the DesignWare minPower Components are usually additive to other methods. The unique architectures in the DesignWare minPower Components allow high-level datapath structures to be automatically optimized based on power costing and switching activities. Datapath circuit applications that have a high percentage of active time, such as wireless receivers, audio/video processors, CPUs, media processors, and signal processing blocks for high-performance networking and storage, are ideal candidates for DesignWare minPower Components.

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