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Synopsys Simpleware Recognized with Orthopaedic 3D Software Company of the Year Award

Posted on 4 January 2021 by Jessica James


In the last year, we have made significant progress with our orthopedic solutions in Simpleware software, most notably through the introduction of our AI-powered Auto Segmenter module Simpleware AS Ortho. We are pleased that 3D Graphy has recognized these achievements, and named us as the ‘Orthopaedic 3D Software Company of the Year’ at their 2020 Medical Awards.

See the full interview between Shibu John of 3D Graphy and Synopsys Simpleware’s Kerim Genc, in which they discuss what the award means and our plans for the future:

3D Graphy is an Indian-based platform that works with different medical practitioners, researchers, and technology companies. In the video, Kerim talks about the unique ability of our software to provide customers with automated and scalable solutions that help companies to scale up their production processes.

In terms of the ongoing opportunities within the Indian market, we are seeing more companies taking on patient-specific implants and 3D printing, creating a need for partnerships where we can provide expertise and technology. We are currently partnered with Integrated Microsystem (IMS) as a distributor to develop the Indian market and increase our visibility. One of our goals here is to help customers to automate their workflows in segmentation and landmarking, which reduces the bottleneck of time-consuming manual tasks.

As we move forward into 2021, we will continue to expand our software tools for orthopedics, leveraging the potential of Machine Learning for automating common medical image processing tasks. For now, though, we are happy to be the recipients of this award and thank 3D Graphy again for naming us as the ‘Orthopaedic 3D Software Company of the Year’.

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