3D Medical Printing from MRI and CT with PrinterPrezz and Simpleware Software

Posted on 5 June 2019 by Jessica James

3D printed model of a spine (Source: PrinterPrezz)

Medical 3D printing demands accuracy when creating models from patient anatomies, from measurements to segmentation of important regions of interest. Our customers PrinterPrezz use Simpleware ScanIP to create models suitable for use in their Medifacturing™ workflow, turning MRI and CT scans into models for 3D printing.

PrinterPrezz employ experienced orthopedic surgeons to work with hospitals to convert MRI and CT scans into patient-specific models. At the early stage of their workflow, they use Synopsys Simpleware ScanIP to take image data and carry out analysis and image processing. This effectively involves looking at the solid scan data and slicing the structures layer by layer to better understand the 3D scans and create high-quality models.

CT scan of the spine (Source: PrinterPrezz)

Simpleware ScanIP allows PrinterPrezz to quickly visualize bones, as well as to isolate important regions such as organs and muscle from bone. Our software is particularly useful, in this regard, as it offers a mix of manual and semi-automated tools, as well as automation features, to quickly segment medical image data. Once a 3D model is available, PrinterPrezz export it as a watertight file to be printed in resin. Surgeons then use the model to develop an optimal procedure for patients. Simpleware ScanIP again plays a critical role at this stage by verifying that a 3D printed model accurately matches the original design.

The 3D printed part is scanned using MRI and CT to study the internal structure in Simpleware ScanIP, and to understand the effect of any manufacturing defects and opportunities to improve the design of the model before being used in a clinical setting. Dr. Alexis Dang, Chief Medical Officer of PrinterPrezz, commented:

“Using specialized tools, such as Synopsys Simpleware ScanIP with PrinterPrezz’s part metrology system, allows designers to verify that what is being made is consistent with what is being designed at an early stage.”

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