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There are a variety of regulatory mandates that enforce workplace health, safety, and security practices across any business. These inform our initiatives here at Synopsys by establishing a minimum standard for expected performance across our global organization. But we aspire to be world-class in every part of our business, especially when it comes to the safety and security of our employees and operations.

As such, we strive to produce a work environment for our people around the globe that is free of accident, illness, and violence. We work to achieve this goal by engaging with our people through ongoing vigilance, prevention, and awareness.

As our business grows and evolves, we will continue to ensure workplace health, safety, and security while meeting our goals for operational productivity, efficiency, and customer service. Synopsys drives these efforts through communication and education around issues and opportunities in four specific areas:

  • Workplace Health & Safety – we identify and manage hazards and prevent illness and injuries in the workplace by establishing proper safeguards and by keeping our employees informed
  • Physical Security – we instill proactive adherence to security procedures and vigilant awareness for safeguarding our employees, the company, and its assets
  • Emergency Preparedness & Resiliency – we encourage a perpetual state of awareness and alertness to enable quick and mindful action in the case of an emergency to protect our people and operations from disruption and harm
  • Travel Safety – we support a continuous safety and security mindset outside of the workplace and around the world for travelling employees

Through continuous and cooperative efforts, Synopsys creates and nurtures a positive safety and security culture across the company.


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