Software Security in the Healthcare Industry

A preventative approach to keeping your applications healthy

With so much data to be accessed, the healthcare industry (including health insurance, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers) has become a popular and profitable target for hackers.

Protect your patients’ vital information

Protect your patients

From medical devices (such as implantable devices, radiation equipment, diagnostic and monitoring equipment) to a patient’s personal information, Healthcare organizations must address the cybersecurity risks to them. When you work with us you’ll understand potential risks and have the ability to determine their impact on your patients.

A holistic approach to software security

Whether you need to test one medical device quickly, identify the risks in a complex system of devices and applications, or establish a secure development process, our experts can help ‘Build Security In’ to your development process through services such as:

UL2900-201 compliance

Make sure your medical devices adhere to UL2900-2-1. Find out how. 

We understand healthcare’s unique security requirements and constraints.

Relax. We’ve got you covered.

Relax. We’ve got you covered.

Vulnerabilities created by greater data accessibility combined with increasingly sophisticated threats put your patients, brand credibility, and financial bottom line at stake. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations don’t have the resources to protect themselves from malicious attacks. That’s where we come in.