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AI coding assistants like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT are game changers for your developers, helping you innovate and deliver software faster than ever before. Synopsys solutions can help you get the most from AI-generated code while managing the risks.

AI-generated code: As good as the code it was trained on?

AI coding assistants leverage large language models (LLMs) that have been trained on millions of lines of open source software and other publicly available source code on the internet. AI can turn issues with that code into issues with your code.

Defects and vulnerabilities

Most AI coding assistants are unable to determine if the code they are trained on is secure or of good quality. If you aren’t careful, the internet’s bugs can become your bugs. 

Copyright and license risks

AI can sometimes generate code that is an exact copy of code from a licensed open source project. If that happens, it can subject you to potential IP infringement risks.

Use AI confidently and safely with Synopsys

Find and fix defects in AI-generated code before you commit

Synopsys static analysis solutions help your teams ensure that code generated by AI is secure, high-quality, and compliant before it is committed into your application codebase.


Detect open Source snippets in AI generated code

Detect open source snippets in AI-generated code

Snippet analysis in Black Duck® software composition analysis (SCA) ensures that you can identify if open source is entering your code via AI or your own developers, so you won’t be blindsided by open source license obligations or intellectual property violations.

Make sure your AppSec program is ready for the pace of AI

One thing is for sure. AI means more code, more velocity, and new forms of software risk. Is your AppSec program ready? With Synopsys, you can build security into your DevOps workflows so your team can build fast while staying secure.

Generative AI will disrupt software coding. Combined with development automation techniques, it can automate up to 30% of the programmers’ work."

Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence 2023


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