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Security tool proliferation has resulted in complexity that can slow down development teams, decrease overall risk posture, and drive up the operational costs to implement, maintain, and support the security tool stack. Synopsys offers a unique approach to consolidation that not only reduces your number of vendors and tools but improves the efficiency and risk posture for your entire application security program.

Why consolidate your application security program?

Reduce complexity

Security tool sprawl has led to friction in the SDLC, which leads to security steps being skipped and policies being implemented inconsistently across tools and teams.

Get one picture of risk

More tools leads to mountains of disconnected findings and critical issues getting missed. No single picture of risk exists for an application or business. 

Reduce AppSec total cost of ownership

Resources are drained from implementing and managing multiple tools, and developers are left to spend too much time triaging issues without context or priority. 


AppSec testing consolidation

Improve your AppSec Program TCO and Risk Posture
Three steps to consolidate your effort, insights, and tools

Consolidate more than just your AppSec tools

Consolidate your effort

Centralize the implementation and management of your AppSec policies so you can set policy once and enforce it consistently across all applications and teams, regardless of the security tools you’re using.

Automatically orchestrate tests based on your risk tolerance and optimize them to align with development milestones. Ensure security testing is performed when it's needed, to reduce unnecessary scans and avoid bottlenecks in the development process.

Make security an inherent part of the development process by integrating it directly into the development workflow.

Streamline your AppSec policies

policy driven test orchestration
Consolidated view of risk

Consolidate your insight

Reduce noise for development teams by aggregating, normalizing, and prioritizing findings across all security tools in one centralized location. This allows developers to focus on what to fix, in what order, and by what date, so they can keep the development process moving without sacrificing security.

With one central location for policy management, test orchestration, and issue prioritization, stakeholders get quick, real-time, and actionable insight. This allows you to maintain compliance and report on risk status across any application or team, or across the enterprise.

Get a complete view of your AppSec program

Consolidate your application security program with the industry leader

With the management and reporting of your application security program abstracted from point security tools, you can more seamlessly consolidate the tools and vendors you use to execute testing.

Synopsys offers an industry-leading portfolio of application security testing solutions to empower your consolidation efforts. But don’t just take our word for it.