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Identify software risks during M&A transactions

When software is part of the deal, knowing what’s in the code matters. Understanding potential open source risks, security flaws, and code quality issues in a target’s codebase early protects the value of the deal. Undetected issues during M&A can:

  • Compromise proprietary intellectual property.
  • Put sensitive data at risk.
  • Impede overall and integration operations.
  • Lengthen deal and integration timelines.
  • Increase remediation costs.

No matter which side of an acquisition you’re on, Synopsys solutions for open source license compliance, software security, and code quality will support the financial and reputational success of your transaction.

Did you know?

Black Duck Audits of thousands of M&A deals reveal the potential risks associated with acquiring software:


codebases contain open source


of codebases have license conflicts


of codebases have at least one vulnerability


contained open source more than four years out-of-date


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Synopsys Software Integrity Customer Stories | PointClickCare

Don’t take our word for it

Learn how PointClickCare uses Black Duck Audits to understand risk as they bring new companies into their portfolio.

Audit services for M&A

Black Duck® audits can identify and assess all open source and third-party components, licenses, and vulnerabilities in the target codebase with these audit scenarios:

License Compliance Audit

When acquiring a company, it’s crucial to know if the target’s capabilities, technology, and software can support the investment thesis, roadmap, and plans to scale business. Not every private equity firm has in-house expertise to confidently perform that evaluation.

Synopsys acts as a technical advisor to private equity firms and their portfolio companies seeking to identify preclose issues and affirm plans before clients proceed with investments. We work alongside strategic advisors and in-house value creation teams. And we have the broad experience to take on the entirety of software due diligence.

open source risk assessment

Acquiring companies tend to have expertise in-house and a playbook for technical due diligence. However, they tend to focus on the target’s software development processes and organization. After all, there is only so much information an acquirer can get without getting their hands on the code, which remains proprietary until the deal is finalized. And where the rubber meets the road is in the code.

Synopsys partners with in-house diligence teams and acts as a trusted third party to audit the code and identify risks and technical debt associated with code quality, architecture, application security, and third-party code. With Synopsys in the mix, the target is comfortable that its IP is protected, and strategic acquirers get a complete picture of the technology it’s buying.

code quality audit

When preparing to sell your company or technology, it’s important to realize the questions most acquirers will be trying to answer during technical due diligence process before moving forward with the deal. Forewarned is forearmed.

The best way to prevent this process from delaying or souring a deal is for the seller to have solid understanding of where your organization stands in the eyes of a typical acquirer. Synopsys has advised acquirers on software due diligence in thousands of transactions. Our team can identify what might be red or yellow flags for a typical acquirer, enabling you to get your business in order before a transaction, and sleep better the night before diligence starts.

Ensure software is an asset, not a liability

Whether you are positioning to be acquired, evaluating potential targets for a strategic purchase, or seeking to establish a benchmark valuation of digital properties, having full insight into the composition and integrity of software assets is critical to a successful merger or acquisition.

451 Research discusses managing the threat of open source in M&A

451 Research discusses managing the threat of open source in M&A

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Synopsys Software Integrity Customer Stories | PointClickCare


Find out how PointClickCare uses Black Duck On-Demand by Synopsys to make sure their patient data stays secure.