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More and more industries are building IoT devices, however many are not familiar with the necessary measures needed to make software secure. Fortunately, they can leverage the (often painful) lessons learned by other industries (like banking and telecommunications) to get up to speed quickly and achieve greater maturity levels of IoT security.

Why hackers are breaking into IoT

IOT devices are making networks less secure. Many are connected to otherwise secure networks (such as those at large businesses) without IT fully understanding that a new set of devices is now part of the network. It’s important to understand that:

IoT devices | Synopsys
1.    What makes IoT devices smart and interoperate with other devices is software. 
Software vulnerabilities | Synopsys
2.    If software is not designed to be secure, it will contain vulnerabilities and can be exploited to gain access to the device.
IoT device infiltration | Synopsys
3.    If a device is infiltrated, data is exposed, and hackers can pivot to reach other connected targets on the network including the back-end application server.

The tide may be changing, but the rules have not

4 steps to a successful IoT security solution

  1. Integrate security into every aspect of your SDLC.
  2. Educate your developers.
  3. Implement penetration testing.
  4. Perform threat modeling.
4 steps to a successful IoT security solution | Synopsys

We’ve Got You Covered

With over 20 years as a leader in software security, we are uniquely positioned to adapt and apply software security best practices to your IoT development initiative, or to help you assess your risk exposure to IoT products within your business. Our approach is grounded in the fundamentals of technology risk management, including:

UL2900-201 compliance

Make sure your medical devices adhere to UL2900-2-1. Find out how. 

Security for IoT devices

We get the big picture

Fix security issues before they disrupt your business. We go beyond traditional testing and analysis to help you build security into your software from the start. We offer products, training, and professional services for a proactive approach to application security.