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Organizations are moving their application workloads to the cloud to become more agile, reduce time to market, and lower costs. Whether you’re developing a cloud-native application or migrating an existing application to the cloud, Synopsys can help you increase innovation, reliability, and efficiency without sacrificing security.


Synopsys cloud security solutions support your digital transformation



Cloud security roadmap

Plan your cloud security roadmap

Uncover the cloud software security strategies, capabilities, and activities your company should use to support an efficient cloud application security program.

Cloud security roadmap

Assess cloud architecture risks

Examine your potential attack surface to determine where cloud security controls are insufficient, and get recommendations from cloud security experts on improving them.

Build security in to cloud migration

Build security in as you migrate to the cloud

Build and deploy cloud applications using secure reference implementations with baseline security controls. Verify that your applications deployed on the cloud are secure with software composition analysis and dynamic analysis.

cloud security

Improve your cloud security posture and drive security assurance

Audit the configuration of your cloud environments and security controls, and review the attack surface to identify weaknesses in your cloud infrastructure.

Intelligent orchestration

Orchestrate the management of your applications and infrastructure

Evaluate cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) capabilities and practices. Provide a comprehensive health check to analyze the current CSPM deployment, including configurations, policies, controls, and integrations.

Synopsys CNAPP and cloud workload protection program (CWPP) accelerators, plus cloud security experts enable accelerated solution design, implementation, and SecOps training. Drive improved cloud cybersecurity posture including protective, defensive, resilience, and assurance capabilities.

Cloud security roadmap

Keep risky components out of your pipeline

Utilize a policy-driven approach with software composition analysis to identify, track, and manage the open source and third-party components used to build cloud applications, containers, and configuration files. Assess and mitigate risk during development and after deployment.

Penetration testing

Ensure comprehensive defect discovery

Penetrating testing provides a thorough examination of your attack surface, including web apps, APIs, VPNs, storage/databases, VMs, authentication and authorization practices, and more.

Policy as code

Enable secure infrastructure-as-code pipelines

Utilize policy-as-code and security control guardrails to provision infrastructure and environments across complex hybrid cloud models (IaaS, PaaS, CaaS, containers, serverless, etc.).

Container security essentials

Container Security Essentials Webinar

Learn how to secure your containers holistically

Learn more about cloud and container security