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Coverity® provides comprehensive static analysis that empowers developers and security teams to deliver high-quality software that complies with security, functional safety, and industry standards.

Uncover complex defects

Find and fix code quality and security issues that span multiple files and libraries across even the largest codebases.

Ensure compliance

Track and prioritize the issues that matter to your business, with broad coverage for security and industry standards including OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25, MISRA, CERT C/C++/Java, etc.

Scan with confidence

Analyze applications of any size, even those with thousands of developers and tens of millions of lines of code.

Drive compliance with security and coding standards

Coverity makes it easy to track and manage compliance with the coding standards that matter to your business. Built-in reports provide insight into issue types and severity to help prioritize remediation efforts and track progress toward each standard across teams and projects.

•     MISRA
•     ISO 26262
•     PCI DSS
•     CERT C/C++/Java

•     ISO/IEC TS 17961
•     OWASP Top 10
•     OWASP Mobile Top 10
•     CWE Top 25

language support

Broad and deep language support to improve code quality and security

Coverity provides comprehensive analysis for 22 programming languages, more than 200 frameworks, and many popular infrastructure-as-code platforms and file formats.

Learn more about Coverity language support and CWE coverage.

Empower developers to build better code without slowing them down

The Code Sight™ IDE plugin extends Coverity analysis to the developer desktop, enabling them to find and fix quality and security defects as they code.

Fast and accurate incremental analysis runs in the background to minimize disruption, giving developers real-time results, including CWE information, remediation guidance, and relevant security training, directly within the IDE.

Dev Sec Ops Cycle

Automate within developer workflows

Integrate: Find and fix defects without leaving your favorite tools, thanks to integrations into popular IDE, SCM, CI, and issue-tracking systems.

Automate: Trigger scans on code commits and pull requests to uncover issues early, without impacting releases.

Scale: Expand to cover your full portfolio of applications and the teams that support them.

Coverity is very effective, fast and supportable. The documentation is complete and clear, it helps a lot in code preparation and support processes."

Devops Engineer



The Forrester Wave™: Static Application Security Testing, Q3 2023

Synopsys is a Leader in the Forrester Wave for SAST

Forrester Wave Leader 2023 Static Application Security Testing
<p>Polaris Software Integrity Platform® brings together the market-leading SAST and SCA engines that power Coverity® and Black Duck® into an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and highly scalable SaaS solution, optimized for the needs of modern DevSecOps.</p>

Looking for an integrated, cloud-based AST solution? Check out Polaris.

Polaris Software Integrity Platform® brings together the market-leading SAST and SCA engines that power Coverity® and Black Duck® into an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and highly scalable SaaS solution, optimized for the needs of modern DevSecOps.

Trusted analysis for complex software

Discover how Coverity customers reduce risk, ensure application resiliency, and rapidly deliver new functionality to market.

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Bolsters its reputation with secure software

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Accelerates time to market

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Ensuring software quality & security with Coverity

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