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The software your development teams are building is increasingly sophisticated and being delivered faster than ever. Securing it at scale requires a consistent approach to application security (AppSec) across your business, continuous testing across the software development life cycle (SDLC), and a consolidated view of risk. Synopsys enterprise application security solutions help reduce the complexity of securing your applications so you can improve your risk posture and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Reduce complexity and improve TCO of your AppSec program

Most organizations use more than 10 AST tools, adding unnecessary complexity for security teams tasked with implementing, maintaining, and digesting their findings. This leads to the implementation of inconsistent policies, resource inefficiencies, and a fragmented view of AppSec risk. 

Reduce the complexity and improve the TCO of your AppSec program with Synopsys.

Consolidate effort

Standardize and centralize AppSec policies and test orchestration, SLA enforcement, and risk metrics to reduce the effort required of both the security teams that need to implement and maintain the program, and the development teams that need to stay secure without slowing down.

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Consolidate tools

Add a layer of abstraction between your development team and your security tools with a single UI from Software Risk Manager. 

Seamlessly consolidate your tools without disrupting development processes or interrupting testing for a fast time to value on your consolidation initiative.

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Consolidate insight

Aggregate, deduplicate, and prioritize all issues so developers know what to fix first across testing types.

Get real-time insight into risk posture with a single source of truth for what was tested, what was found, and what was fixed.

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Scale AppSec across the SDLC

AppSec testing must be automated and integrated so you can ensure that you are running the right test, with the right tool, at the right time.

Unify and automate policy and test orchestration with Software Risk Manager so your AppSec teams can scale testing across the SDLC without impeding development velocity. 

Security can’t stop in production. WhiteHat™ Dynamic detects vulnerabilities in running web apps before they can be exploited.

Scale AppSec across the enterprise

With software being developed faster than ever before and resources stretched thin, your team is challenged to keep pace. 

Synopsys security testing services provide the skills, tools, and discipline to cost-effectively analyze any application, at any depth, at any time.

Scale AppSec across applications

Applications are growing exponentially in volume and size—are you able to keep up?

Access efficient and effective AppSec testing solutions that can handle enterprise-grade applications and scan at volume.

Complete risk visibility across your business

When software risk is business risk, you need actionable, real-time risk insights

Enterprise security leaders must work across silos to get the risk information they need. Too often, this results in an inconsistent, incomplete, and disparate view of overall risk.

Software Risk Manager provides a uniform way to assess software risk and one centralized source of truth. It gives teams complete visibility into what was tested, found, and fixed to decrease time to audit and ensure developments teams fix the most critical issues, quickly.

Resources to manage your AppSec risk at enterprise scale